What is BigBinary Off-Campus Hiring?

Update: For the year 2024 we will not be conducting off-campus hiring because of the economic conditions.

Unlike other companies, BigBinary doesn’t go to the college campus for the hiring. We conducted campus hiring through TPO(Training Placement Office) for a few years, and we found the process to be very time-consuming and not worth the effort.

So nowadays, we conduct Off-Campus Hiring once a year in March.

Because of this Off-Campus Hiring, anyone can apply without being restricted by the policies of their college's TPO.

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Update: The next screening round will happen on March 5, 2023. Click here for more details.

Who can apply?

This BigBinary Off-Campus Hiring is primarily for final-year students in various colleges.

If you have any industry experience, meaning if you are currently working in some other company, then also you can apply. However please note that for all practical purposes, you would be treated as if you are starting from the very beginning. You will go through the same orientation program as the freshers.

If you are in college, pursuing a Bachelor's program or a Masters's program, then you should be in your final year in order to apply for this role. We expect the candidates to join at our required date. We can’t allow folks who are only willing to join only after a year or more to participate in this hiring process.

What role am I applying for here?

The role is of a Software Engineer, who deals with the full stack of an application.

Can someone who is not in college apply?

If you are not in college then also you can apply. However, note that upon joining you would be going through the exact same orientation as the other freshers.

Do I need to have computer science as my major to apply?

No. Anyone from any major can apply. But only candidates who have strong fundamentals in DSA and Computer Science should be applying for this role.

Can someone who dropped out of college apply?

Yes. As long as you have completely dropped out. If you are still in college, you must be in your final year to apply.

Can someone who is working part-time in another company or doing an internship in another company apply for this role?

No. We expect the candidate to work full-time with us. Having other commitments, like doing an internship, etc, in parallel, will lead to termination or we won't be making an offer to you in the first place.

Can I apply again if I'm rejected?

Sure. You can apply again after a gap of 12 months since the last rejection.

How is the hiring done?

The hiring process consists of the following four rounds. From the start to the finish, all four rounds can take around three weeks or more. All the rounds are elimination round. Only if you pass a round you will be promoted to the next round. All online interviews are conducted via Zoom or Google Meet and require your video to be turned on.

Screening round

The screening round will be conducted to check the proficiency of the candidates in the basics of DSA(Data Structure & Algorithm). In this screening round, you will be given an n-number of DSA-type problems that you can solve in any programming language of your choice. This round usually lasts for like 3 hours or less.

The test will be conducted online and you can take it remotely. We use neetoRunner to conduct this test. If the candidate scores above the cut-off then we'll invite the qualifying candidates for the next round.

Fundamentals Round

This is 30 minutes online interview. The candidates need to have the following skills in order to pass this round.

  • Excellent speaking skills. The ability to hold a technical conversation as well as convey points in English is critical.

  • Knows the fundamentals of Computer Science concepts ranging from Networks, Databases, Algorithms, etc.

Bar raiser round

This is 60 minutes online interview. In this round, we will try to work with you to solve certain complex problems involving System Design or Algorithms.

Communication round

This is 30 minutes online interview. In this round, we will try to see how well you are able to communicate your ideas in general terms. You will also be made aware of how BigBinary works remotely, how we communicate, and how we get the work done.

What happens after a person is hired?

If you are in your final year in college then you would most likely be requested to join on August 1st. The first five months are the "orientation phase" where you learn various technologies from BigBinary Academy and BigBinary Books.

After you have successfully finished your orientation then you would start working on one of the neeto products.

Will the notice period be respected?

Yes. If you are employed in another company and if we make you an offer, then we will respect the notice period the other company has set as part of your resignation and will shift the joining date accordingly.

Will we be able to join early if we get the offer early?

Yes. Absolutely. Say if you get the offer in April, then you can start working from the very next day itself. But this is only applicable to candidates who don't have any other commitments.

If you are still studying in a college, then you can join only after your graduation. If you are employed in another company, then you can join only after the notice period.

Is there any kind of bond?

No. You can leave BigBinary anytime after serving the notice period. The notice period at BigBinary is two months.

How was the Off-Campus Hiring in 2022?

In the year 2022, more than 600 appeared for the Screening Round and we made offers to around 40 people.

How much time I will be given to prepare for the screening round?

We announce the screening dates around at least 30 days before the actual screening date.

Is BigBinary a truly remote company?

Yes. BigBinary is a 100% remote company since the company started in July 2011. You can work from anywhere in India. Besides remote work, BigBinary advocates flexible timing and asynchronous work. BigBinary also believes that BigBinary is not a family.

We have offices in Pune and in Kochi. If anyone wants to work from the office then they can work from any of these two offices.

Is BigBinary a service company or a product company?

BigBinary is a service company. After finishing the orientation phase you will be working on neeto project to learn how to build software. So in the beginning you will be developing a product. neeto is still not a profitable business. The way we bring in revenue is through consulting work and once we feel that you have learned enough to be put into a client project then you will be put into consulting/service work.

Can a person not living in India apply?

No. After joining the company for the first year you must be living in India most of your time. After the first year please take up the matter with HR and we will see what can be done.

Where can I see other job openings by BigBinary?

Visit BigBinary’s career page.

Where can I ask a question that is not answered yet?

You can post your question as a comment.

What kind of salary is offered?

Our salary range is from 14 LPA to 18 LPA. This is the base salary.

Is there a signing bonus?


Does the company provide a laptop?


Does the company provide stock options?


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